The seventh edition of the TOP 100 Swiss startup ranking was in front of more than 700 people in the old NZZ printing house in Schlieren. The broad spectrum of innovative high-tech startups attracted dozens of investors from abroad, and even from China. The 2017 ranking winners are Ava, L.E.S.S. and Flyability, startups which are expanding globally and have already raised multi-million financing. PapayaPods won the first public voting.

Switzerland ranks as the most innovative nation according to the Global Innovation Index 2017. The TOP 100 Swiss startups presented give a good flavour as to why this is the case. 36 new entrants made it into this year’s ranking, proving the high dynamics of the Swiss startup ecosystem. Looking back at the previous editions, the 100 experts have proven to be excellent in choosing the upcoming winners.

The Top 3 startups are…
Ava, L.E.S.S. and Flyability: The TOP 3 startups of 2017 are representative of the wide range and quality of Swiss innovation with global potential.

Already ranked 94th in 2015, Zurich-based startup Ava made it to the first rank this year with its clinically tested bracelet device that uses sensor technology to reveal what is happening in a woman’s ovulation cycle. Currently selling on the US market, the company has raised CHF 12 million and is now preparing for a Series B round to finance global expansion.

The second position this year was awarded to the Ecublens-based startup, L.E.S.S. The startup has developed the next generation of distributed lighting systems as a new alternative to today’s LEDs. With its product based on an active nanostructured fiber of the thickness of a human hair, L.E.S.S. is preparing a world première in the automotive market with a currently confidential partner (to be announced at the Frankfurt fair). The team is expanding to 30 people.

And the third in the ranking is Flyability. The startup introduced the first collision-tolerant drone, called Elios in the market. The drone is designed for the inspection and exploration of the most inaccessible places. Lausanne-based Flyability entered the TOP 100 in 2014 and has reached sales of CHF 6 million in 2016, destined to triple in 2017, and employs 60 people.

PapayaPods is the winner of the public voting which took place for the first time. PapayaPods is a platform aimed at simplifying management tasks (reservations, repairs, complaint handling, digital move-in/out, contract signing, etc.) for property owners in the mid-term (3 – 12+ months) rental housing space.Clients include rental housing agencies, small residences and operators, and private landlords. The company is currently operating in Switzerland, London and Barcelona.

TOP 100 recognises women building global companies.
This year, the TOP 100 magazine decided to champion the women who take on the challenge to win in the startup field. It showcases women entrepreneurs and leaders, as well as the women in the ecosystem who support startups through financing, board participation and business expertise.

About the TOP 100 Swiss startups
Each year since 2011, organizes the TOP 100 Swiss Startup Award. The 100 most innovative and promising Swiss startups are picked by a panel of 100 leading startup experts. Each one proposes his personal ranking of his 10 favourite Swiss startups younger than 5 years with the highest potential to become a great commercial success. The 1st one gets 10 points, the 2nd 9 points and finally the 10th 1 point. The TOP 100 Swiss Startup Award represents the ranking of the startups with the total of points collected.

In the attachment below is the German PDF magazine of the Top 100 Swiss startups 2017. The english version will soon be released.

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