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When was the last time you heard about Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, or Sir Richard Branson? While our focus on the superstars of entrepreneurship makes the field seem glamorous, it also makes entrepreneurship as an unrealistic career choice. This is entirely unnecessary – research clearly shows that anyone can learn to successfully start and run a business.

„Entrepreneurial Living“ provides a hands-on guide to entrepreneurship. Using the analogy of a board game and illustrative examples, the book teaches you the fundamentals of entrepreneurial life.


Among other things, you will learn:

• Knowing your identity, network, and competencies helps you identify interesting entrepreneurial problems that you can solve.
• Focusing on your means instead of a distant vision enables you to create goal portfolios and deal with uncertainty.
• Understanding your own strengths and those of potential partners lets you evaluate the option of co-founding a business.
• Listening to customers early on helps you develop business models systematically.
• If you are observant and reflective, your insights will combine and turn you into your personal version of a successful entrepreneur. Take the first step and you are set for an entrepreneurial adventure.


5 Stars: Great guide to get started with your own startup idea

8. September 2017

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